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Frequently asked questions and policies.

What is Your Billing Policy?

We invoice our clients in advance of services. To secure your date, if you are not able to pay in full, we will accept a 50% down payment as your security deposit. All other due funds must be paid 30 days before your event date(s).

Do You Allow Payment Plans?

Yes, absolutely! We offer custom payment plans, tailored to your unique needs. We will allow custom payments, as long as your total balance is paid a minimum of 30 days before your event date(s).

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Cash, Company Checks, Major Debit & Credit Cards, Cashapp, and Zelle.

Do You Travel?

Yes! We are based out of St. Louis, Missouri, but we love to travel and don't mind.

What Types of Media Do You Shoot?

Dan's Media does not allow or provide streaming, photography, videography or any other forms of media for explicit, sexual, vulgar, or inappropriate language or content. We maintain a high standard of integrity and morals.

How Far Out In Advance Can I Book?

Up to 1 year (12 months in advance).

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch today.

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